Digital Photography

PADI Digital Underwater Photography Specialty Course

It's cliché to say that a picture is worth 1000 words. Usually an underwater picture gets a single word of description, "WOW!" I became a scuba diver because I wanted to take pictures underwater and in the Digital Underwater Photographer Specialty Course, I'll give you the tools to start you on your way to getting the amazing, evocative images you see in magazines and books.

The Digital Underwater Photography Specialty is a two-day course that will show you how to handle a digital camera in the water including prepping a housing, learning about white balance, practicing the special skills that photographers need regarding the fragile aquatic environment and how to get top-notch, beautiful pictures. We'll practice in the pool and the ocean and we'll review images throughout the course. This is an interactive and hands-on program that will have you taking your best shots ever.

Curso de Fotografia bajo el mar

bellas imágenes de primera categoría. Vamos a realizar las prácticas en el mar y vamos a revisar las imágenes tomadas durante el curso. Este es un sistema interactivo y un práctico programa que te hará tomar mejor que nunca tus fotografías.

Curso snorkel


  • Be certified as a PADI Open Water Diver, PADI Junior Open Water Diver or have a qualifying certification from another training organization or be a snorkeler.
  • Minimum Age: snorkelers – None. Scuba divers: 10 years old.


To study the basics of digital cameras, types of cameras and underwater systems and managing digital image files. We'll also do a hands-on session of prepping a camera for underwater use. We'll work on buoyancy, and avoiding damage to ecologically-sensitive areas. Using our cameras we'll practice shooting techniques that will make an immediate improvement in your images.


  • PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Manual
  • PADI Digital Underwater Photographer White Balance Slate
  • Two ocean dives
  • PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Certification card
  • Scuba rentals and digital camera with underwater housing



Please note there are regulations about flying or going to altitude after diving. Currently the rules state that for a single no decompression dive, you should not fly/go to altitude for at least 12 hours. For multiple dives you should not fly/go to altitude for at least 18 hours. Blue Bottom Diving recommends waiting a minimum 24 hours whenever possible. Altitude is 300m/1000ft above sea level. This includes going to the Teide, so be careful when you are booking tours to follow your dive course. Under normal circumstances, you should be out of the water on your last dive at 15pm (midday), this should help with organizing any travel plans you have after your dive trip with us.