Looking for wrecks or dive sites beyond 18 to 40 meters? Do you want a broader understanding of diving theory?

As an open water adventure diver you have been trained for a maximum depth of 18 meters. Of course there are many wonders at this depth, but at 18 meters you are barely touching the surface of what diving has to offer.

There is a mystery to the depth and when you are a new diver just breaking the 18 meter barrier you feel as if you were a pioneer, with the spirit of Jules Verne and the Nautilus.

The charm of deep diving does not end when you've been there once. There are remains of shipwrecks, coral and unique views of fish that you will not find anywhere else.

Ask divers with deep experience and you will hear the enthusiasm of their voice, as well as respect for the wild environment of deep diving .

In the SSI Deep Diving Course ó PADI Deep Diving Course you will learn about the physiology of going below the range of 30 meters . Under the supervision of the instructors who have the training and experience to guide you, you venture into the deep waters and discover first-hand what is there.

At the end of the course you will be ready to plan deep dives up to the 40 meter recreational limit and you will know how to handle the special problems of being at that depth.

Buceo profundo Tenerife

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