There are few skills as important to a diver as navigation . Both for the obvious safety issues and for being able to return to the ship. Would not you like to impress all your diving colleagues by being able to move effortlessly through the diving site and always find exactly where you want to go? You will be the diver that everyone wants to follow.

Do you remember your Open Water course? Unless you were lucky enough to be certified in a tropical paradise with unlimited visibility, you're likely to marvel at how your instructor guided you in a labyrinth of turns but it was precisely in the correct line. Underwater navigation is not something you're born with, it's about techniques that are taught and practiced.

Your instructor Underwater Navigation will teach you about distance estimation, navigation techniques from natural reference points, as well as the compass. You will practice using the basic navigation skills for instructor to find a submerged object or the starting position on the surface, and you will learn how to make an underwater map, the application and use of various navigation patterns.

At the end of the course you will have the skills to guide a dive from the shore or from a boat with your partner and go exactly where you want. The ability to navigate successfully gives you the confidence to venture further and be able to explore the diving site more without the tension that generates us not knowing where we are. More diving, less worry.

Curso de buceo navegaciĆ³n

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