Raise your hand if you want to have more background time without stopping. It always seems that the best dives end faster so it's no secret why the SSI Enriched Air Course or PADI Enriched Air Course is the most popular specialty certification, it's more time in the background.

You've probably heard the term " NITROX " or seen the bright green and yellow stickers on some bottles of diving , but you know what is?

The enriched air/Nitrox is a gas mixture with a higher oxygen content than normal air. Dive with Nitrox , your no-decompression limits can increase considerably. Particularly in the range of 6 to 25 meters, where the majority of recreational diving takes place, you can improve your time to double according to the mix of Nitrox and depth.

Curso buceo nitros

In the Enriched Air/Nitrox course you will learn how to select the best combination for your planned depth, how to analyze the mix safely and how to determine the limits of your exposure to oxygen after each dive. You will also learn about the special equipment concerns that arise when a higher percentage of oxygen is being used.

Nitrox allows you to enjoy more for what you started diving, stay underwater longer and return to the water as soon as possible. Many people also find that diving with Nitrox allows them to feel less tired after a day of diving and this translates into more time enjoying their vacation time and less time at the hotel. After all, it's more time diving.

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