PADI Course of Digital Underwater Photography in Tenerife

It is a saying that a picture is worth more than 1000 words. Usually, a vision underwater receives a single word that describes it, "WOW!" I became a diver because I wanted to take pictures underwater and in the Specialty Course of Underwater Digital Photography, we give you the tools to start on your way to get amazing and suggestive images that you see in magazines and books.

The Underwater Digital Photography specialty is a two-day course that will teach you how to operate a digital camera on water, how to prepare the housing, how to learn about the balance of Whites, practice the special skills that photographers need on the fragile aquatic environment and how to get to make beautiful first-class images. We will carry out the practices at sea and we will review the images taken during the course. This is an interactive system and a practical program that will make you take your photographs better than ever.

Photography course under the sea


Be certified as PADI Open Water Diver, PADI Junior Open Water Diver, have a certification from another diving education organization or be a snorkel practitioner (diver with a tube) .
Minimum age: scuba divers with tube - None. Divers - 10 years old


Study the fundamentals of digital cameras, types of cameras, underwater systems and the management of digital image files. We are also going to do a hands-on session to prepare a camera for use underwater.

We will work on buoyancy, and avoid damage to ecologically sensitive areas. Practice photo shooting techniques for immediate improvement in images


  • PADI Underwater Photography Manual
  • PADI white balance board
  • Two dives in the sea
  • Specialty PADI certification card
  • Rental of the necessary diving equipment and camera


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