Are you curious about ships that have been claimed by the sea? Are you a history buff, a photographer, or a thrill seeker?

Wreck diving in Teneife means different things to different divers. Some are drawn to the mystery of the ship. Where did it come from? Who sailed aboard her and what happened to them? To others the wreck is an artificial reef where all manner of life congregates and thrives in these man-made niches. Anemones line hulls and railings. Schooling fish dart back and forth. Predators lurk in the shadows looking for their opportunity to strike at vulnerable organisms.

For some divers hovering along the outer surfaces, checking out the ship and the life that know calls it home makes for a wonderful dive experience. For others, however, the adventure lies in penetration...exploring the ship from the inside! To penetrate a wreck is to be in a surreal environment. Stairs go sideways, portholes look at the bottom, companionways that once connected the whole vessel suddenly become dead ends where bulkheads have collapsed. You will be in a place where down is up, left is down and your reel becomes your best friend. As you enter the structure, your adrenaline kicks in, the heart rate bounces up, your senses become focused.

Curso de Fotografia bajo el mar

The challenges of wreck penetration are pretty obvious. Becoming a Wreck Certified diver helps equip you with the tools to make the adventure safe as well as exciting. You’ll learn the skills necessary for dealing with the unique environment inside a wreck. Your instructor will guide you in the proper use of equipment and procedures as well as how to plan and organize a dive to a wreck.

During your one evening session and four open water dives with the instructor, you will develop practical knowledge of the shipwreck environment and raise your awareness of the historical value of wrecks as well as the social and legal issues surrounding wrecks. The Wreck Diver certification course will familiarize divers with the skills, knowledge, planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems, hazards and enjoyment of wreck diving. The mysteries await.

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