Just 10 minutes from Puerto Colon found this little bay where we enjoy a full immersion of life and color with more than 50 different species.

We anchored inside the bay at about 6 meters deep. On the sandy bottom where we see great meadows, cuttlefish, sea horses, lizards fish, spiders crab, red mullet, wide-eyed flounder...

Close to the reef all this variety are multiplying and sharp nose puffer, octopus, band tail puffer, cardinal fish, trumpet fish, Atlantic damselfish, spider crabs, and a large host of invertebrates and nudibranchia.

The highlights of this dive are the green turtles that inhabit the area to join us during the dive and delight us with their constant trips between divers.

Details Immersion

  • Maximun Depth: 15 m
  • Level: Low
  • Diving Type: Boat - shore
  • Warnings: Poor visibility

bucear en El Puertito