Dives Sites, the Palmar Cave

This immersion Palmar Cave is located near the Cristianos port about 15 minutes by boat from Blue Bottom Diving and is also known as the moray Cave. Is anchored on a platform of rock about 17 meters depth, descend the wall to 28 meters where the bottom is white sand full of garden eels. We find the statue of the Virgin to 31 meters deep between large rocks that form a gorge. In the mushroom-shaped rock we see the dolphin statue in memory of Jacques-Yves Cousteau to 36 meters deep. Go back to the wall where we see just below the platform at 28 meters the cave entrance marked with a stone cross in memory of divers who died in it, because as the sandy bottom is easy to lose visibility and do not find the exit.

Over the rock wall we will find enough tiger moray, dark moray, dotted moray eel, anemones, shrimps, crabs ... The visibility is usually very good in this area and the sandy bottom is easy to see large black stingrays, rough tail stingrays, angel sharks ...

Details Immersion

  • Maximun Depth: 30 m
  • Level: Medium - High
  • Diving Type: Boat
  • Warnings: Currents

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