Spectacular diving along a canyon surrounded by rock formations

12 minutes away to the northwest. On this dive suitable for all levels, we´ll descend from the rock platform about 9 meters to 20 meters. We dive the reef along the left around the entire cornice. With bold rock formations, we found an old anchor about two-meter wingspan. We can pass between the narrow tunnels that form these rocks.

Throughout the dive join us big white bream and gold-lined bream. At the end of the reef we returned to the platform. On this dive we will enjoy seeing a lot of anemones of various colors, ceriantharia, octopus, parrot fish, ells...

In the sandy area is common to find large stingrays, butterfly rays, curious eagle rays that bring us closer to us.

Details Immersion

  • Maximun Depth: 24 m
  • Level: Low - Medium
  • Diving Type: Boat
  • Warnings: Groundswell

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