Also known as Adeje reef, is an dive spot full of life

Nearby northwest port we rock ledges in front of the Caleta neighborhood.

The tongue rock will dive down to 9 meters deep and down the drop off we arrive at 18 meters with all the sand. Following the vertical wall enjoy this fun doing a drift dive. It is usual to find current in this area.

Just down the platform a large shoal of grunts and guelly jack color fill the area. Under the cornice is usual to find any stingray or angel shark,

We'll see trumpet fish, red mullet, worms, slugs, moray eels, canarian lobster , cleaning shrimp, octopus, damselfish, and much more species.

Details Immersion

  • Maximun Depth: 20 m
  • Level: Medium - High
  • Diving Type: Boat
  • Warnings: Currents

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