In about 22 minutes we get under the lighthouse at Punta Rasca this magnificent dive

We anchored on the platform about 6 meters deep. Descending the wall to 20 meter deep and along the stone arches is filled in glass eye, grunts, barracudas and bream.

In the tunnels if we enjoy some observers see different species of crabs, cleaner shrimp, prawn, arrow crab, spider and rock lobster...

Moving away from the wall becomes sandy bottom and is easy to see stingrays and bull ray. Easy dive suitable for all levels, provided there is no current, with a colorful, basalt rock formations on tubular shapes and lots of life.

Details Immersion

  • Maximun Depth: 20 m
  • Level: Low
  • Diving Type: Boat
  • Warnings: Currents

buceo en El Faro