The main objective of Blue Bottom Diving for the new Post Covid-19 situation in its facilities, is to guarantee the Safety of our Clients and minimize the risks of SARS-CoV-2 Virus (COVID19) infection in the provision of our services.

If you have any symptoms (cough, fever, difficulty breathing, chills, etc.) that may be associated with COVID-19 you should not go diving. Contact the COVID-19 service phone in your area or your primary care center and follow their instructions.

If you have been in close contact or have shared space without maintaining interpersonal distance with a person affected by COVID-19, you should not dive either.

Our dive center is properly ventilated, but for greater safety the maximum possible activity will be carried out in our Terrace to dressing, get prepared, briefings, clean equipment... in order to reduce the use inside the dive center.

All the belongings can be left in a bag of your property inside the dive center while the diving activity takes place.

Only the diving equipment and personal material strictly necessary can be taken to the boat in a small bag of your property. In addition, each diver can take his own water bottle for individual use at his own responsibility.

We will not take on board anything that is not necessary to carry out the activity, in order to avoid more elements with possible contamination on board.

At the end of the dive each diver will disassemble his equipment, take it to the dive center where he will clean it with a hose, disappearing the rinsing tanks and stow it properly all together.

The use of open spaces for changing will be encouraged.

We will have places to clean your hands with hydro-alcoholic solution, even in our boat.

We will reinforce the cleaning with disinfectant products with bactericidal and virucide, following the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, in all the rooms of the Dive Centre or boat, with special incidence in surfaces of habitual use by the employees or clients.

Due to security regulations, any access of clients to the compressor room and equipment disinfection area is prohibited.

In order to minimize the risk of admitting to the establishment any customer who may have the COVID-19, in case of reasonable suspicion, that person and any accompanying persons (natural group) may be refused entry.

Only customers who are going to carry out the activity will be allowed access to the diving center, and not their possible companions, in order to minimize the number of people inside the dive center.

All customers must book in advance any activity, whether diving, courses, try dives, etc...

The qualifications, medical certificates and any other documentation required for the dives or diving courses, will be tried to send previously to the diving center in digital format.

Payments are recommended to be made by bank transfer or credit card, but if the client wishes he can pay in cash.

Each customer must handle his own diving equipment (assembly, configuration and disassembly), either owned or rented. The staff of the dive center, taking the necessary precautions, will deliver the tanks and rental equipment to the customers. No customer may take tanks or equipment of his own choice, only the equipment that is his property.

Our company will determine the protocol of action with the clients who do not comply with the required prevention and hygienic-sanitary standards.

The rinsing, cleaning and disinfection of the rental equipment after its last use will be carried out exclusively by the staff of the dive center and will be applied to each part of the equipment.

The rental regulators will be delivered fully disinfected, as well as the rest of the equipment.

Each customer can bring their own mouthpiece or buy a new one at the dive center, so that at the end of the dive they can take it with them for future use.

To avoid the fogging of the mask we recommend the use of specific products for this purpose, which can be purchased at our dive center.

The disinfection of Regulators, Masks and BCD will be done with an aqueous solution, of Peracetic Acid (5%), Hydrogen Peroxide (23%) and Acetic Acid, with application times ≥ 10 minutes in total immersion, achieving that the solution reaches all corners and parts of the equipment. For the suits we will use a powerful broad-spectrum virucide disinfectant in a proportion of 5%, with a total immersion time of 15 minutes

In the transfer in boat until the dive site will try to keep the interpersonal distance, if it is not possible and following the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, the risk must be minimized applying personal protection measures, using mask.

After each dive, and once all occupants have disembarked, all elements of the boat susceptible to contact (ladder, arch, railings, handrails, bars of the bottle rack) will be cleaned. Our boat, being of aluminum, is free of COVID-19 between 2 and 8 hours

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